The Modern Rules of Entertaining

Hosting a fun, interesting and faux-pas free party is hard work!

That is the lesson from my own experience with our own birthday celebration.

To keep the party as fun and friendly as possible, we decided to start with our usual “party for the living” format after we’d finished our breakfast. The first day, we decided to throw a party for our four friends as a small but fun way to get them involved in life more. As we enjoyed our fun, the next day we’re looking to host a bigger event for close friends, new ones or people who are currently in a serious relationship. If our birthday is your birthday, why not make it as fun and inviting as possible? It has made it so much easier to be the mom who has been with the kid all night and has fun helping them get ready to sleep it off. We are also interested in making it easier for anyone to enjoy their birthday, so why not add a few tricks to give them a fun, free birthday party filled with family stories and good company?

The idea behind the “Pasadena Party” was to build off our last birthday in February 2013 where we were all invited to the party at our very own home. We had a whole lot of food and fun to be a happy party at our newly renovated “baking kitchen.” Since that first year, our party has grown rapidly to include guests from across the nation to all over the world. There are a wide variety of different events to be considered and your ideas on how to make your “Pasadena Party” even more fun will depend on your level of interest in the business. Since it’s so fun to go on such extended family trips every year, we thought this might make us all come back to this special event and enjoy it for months to come. That’s why we are calling this one a free but fun birthday party. It’s a great party and there are plenty of events to be had as well. We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family again in 2019-2020 (we think there’s already six more invitations to come!)

For each day of the party, you may host different parties on your own home or use the site of the next party event so you can host your own group gatherings and events for friends and family. In either case, please remember the theme of your birthday celebration is the same!

We always love to host our own birthday party but as we age, we realize that with the advent of Internet media, our loved ones often forget to take a photo of the most memorable moments.