The Gray World of Online Gambling

The grey world of gambling can best be described as a multi billion dollar industry. The number of websites running black market gambling is staggering. In 2013 alone, The Atlantic ranked the world’s best 30 free casinos in terms of risk, providing insight into how to maximize your odds against a certain outcome. Of these 30, eight are currently in the United States. Some are not owned by the government: there is a black market gaming industry on the dark web, in which criminal elements operate as grey market game players with no regard for the law.

I can confirm that’s site has been hacked. We have taken immediate action to remove the site from public access and apologize for any inconvenience. As soon as we learn of anything in particular about the attack itself, we will make some improvements.

The problem is with one user running a black market gambling website. Even if the site is a decent one, you will not find black market sites hosting casinos on the same level of transparency as — which doesn’t have as much competition from a legitimate site as other casinos. We apologize to anyone affected.

Black market gambling sites are a huge financial business. Most operators and businesses rely on these online casinos in order to keep their business viable. They don’t get rich doing it; what they do get is money. The grey market gamblers (some also referred to as white-collar criminals) who sell the games get very little money either. On average, they just barely scrape together enough money to keep their casinos running, although some operate with a minimum of four employees.

A few dark internet black market gambling websites have come forward with claims to be legitimate or even legitimate black market game sites (if not, their services are at best a joke to the people who pay them). I haven’t heard from any that has been able to match up to’s reputation or the fact that they operate on a higher margin than other sites.

You know when you visit your favorite gaming website and get a massive amount of black market gambling with the site’s official logo superimposed over it? If you don’t know why, do yourself a favor and check out this excellent article on The Atlantic.

The Black Lottery

I want to take a moment to share some of the highlights of my time writing this site. As the old saying goes, the old news is dead. The black market is dying.