Know How to Gamble On The Lottery Ticket

No one can ever tell me how to win a lottery. But I know how to make one of those things that make you feel like you might just win, that actually pay you for it at the end.

You read that right. You can have money off of an upcoming lottery ticket when you win. And there’s just one thing:

It’s a lot of money.

This ticket is listed at about $20 by the way. So if you decide to buy this ticket, you’re essentially betting on one of the most famous and important events of the year. Sure, there’s more to lottery ticket trading than that . Some teams actually trade them for lottery money. But if you’re a true gambler, you’re not looking for “lucky” games.

The only way to win the lottery is if you buy the tickets.

It’s like a betting system in a movie.

Now, I’m never one to be snarky, so there’s probably going to be some misstep during my ranting. For instance, if your favorite gambling strategy is just to sit back and wait for the best players on the next pick to turn in, that sounds like a terrible idea.

But as the game of basketball goes on, you are forced to make bets against the winner of your own team, and the money you win from that bet is a “free play ticket,” so it’s a win-win situation for you and your fellow investors. Now if every game you played turned out to belong to the person who picked the winning team, wouldn’t that just make you that much more excited?

So what’s the bottom line? It’s the same thing as it’s ever been: There’s a long line, and you can lose money buying a ticket.

If you’re a gambler in that, then you know that you’ll have to go out and bet a lot of money just to win the lottery. And you won’t forget about the free play ticket you just got from the winning team until the last minute. For all you know, you could spend half a million dollars at any one time, just to secure the ticket you got from the winning team.

So take a shot at getting that ticket. And for every $1 you win on it, you’ll win $2 back in free play. That’s the real winner there.