Getting Income From Online Gambling

In one experiment, a pair of college grads from California recruited an online poker opponent. Their results: They were able to play some online games with them, and made around $2,200 from that. In addition to that, they found ways to take over $80 from each other without using online poker sites.

“To this day, poker players can go to Vegas for another $100,000 or more,” said David Schurr, an associate professor of business and economics and the study’s final author, in a press release. “It shows why poker poker is so great. With a little work, money is no object, or you can get it in the bank. What’s not to love?”

The experiment, conducted with online casino games for PokerStars and other poker sites, could prove especially helpful for those with limited funds when it comes to dealing with legal gaming sites. In 2012, New Jersey imposed a $10,000 cap on online poker players in casinos, along with a fee of $50 at slot machines for those who were out of the loop in the process of buying/selling online poker games. While it is impossible for online casinos to control their own players in a legal environment, they do not have access to game accounts, and the law is often the more difficult option for online players to pursue.

What the study only illustrates is that there is a way to take back your money quickly without getting your fingers stuck in a brick wall.

Of course, the potential for harm and money losses to poker player players isn’t really that great, since most of them are making more money through their online playing compared to their actual gambling and can get by with much below market rates for buying or selling on a poker site.

However, there may be another downside of being able to simply sit in online poker rooms until your next cash flow report. With a computerized game that runs in the background on the computer in front of you, there should be no risk of the data being hacked into or someone finding an opportunity to steal your online accounts. With a computer that runs under your own control, you will probably need to do more homework before buying any online poker game based on it to even know if there are dangers such as that.

With all of this info to figure out the best way to handle online game accounts, is it safe enough for a college graduate to cash out from online poker without worrying about an entire brick wall? Absolutely not.