Gambling: the Public Interest; the Public is at Stake.

A recent report produced by the American Gaming Association was an excellent introduction to this topic. If you would like to learn more about why the game industry is so interested in restricting our ability to legally gamble, consider purchasing one of the following books: Gambling: The Public Interest; the public is at stake.

As we all know… The public loses money by gambling. Our society has become more dependent on the private sector to fund our entertainment and social life, as opposed to investing in our social capital and future generations — as did our founding fathers and founders.

A comprehensive and important analysis of the public health implications of gaming is found in the widely read book, The Public Health Impact of Gambling: An Emerging Health Crisis.

The American Public, Gambling

With that background, let’s discuss where the majority of people lose money in sports gaming with specific steps taken to reduce the exposure they have to public health risk related to risk playing.

What is a Game?

A sports gambling is any activity in which someone’s own money is an asset. The following are some common examples of sports betting: games such as roulette, billiards, poker, checkers, darts, slots, craps or bingo.

We find this list of example sports betting to be pretty comprehensive for the public as this is the number one place we find this type of betting occurring on a daily basis, and for the game to continue to grow, there will need to be a push to make this behavior less prevalent.

In addition to our list we provide a list of the most common causes of public health problems that can be tied to sports gambling in our chart below,

Is there any doubt that the public health impacts associated with gambling is a larger problem than the general population?

I believe that the public health and personal lives of countless people in the United States, as well as around all of the world can best be reduced through public policy.

Where Will the Private Sector Do The Work?

You may remember the controversy over the legalization of drugs back in the 50s and 60s. What if we could legalize these substances? When one person tried to sell hashish and a group of others stopped at the door and began selling crystal meth were the law and order in America shattered?