Favorite Time to Enjoy a Bottle of Wine

What is your favorite time to enjoy a bottle of wine?

A bottle of wine and a beer is a great time, at the very least.

We are living in a post-alcohol age. People are drinking less and more, and we are enjoying a lot more wine.

That is one reason why there are so many places in the world that offer bottle buying tours – because it helps me feel like I am actually in this place, and there is lots of wine to go around.

My advice to wine enthusiasts – go to Napa Valley or Sonoma, and start with Cabernet Sauvignon. These two regions produce great wine too – and some even do a better job than California of it. Cabernet Sauvignon has the best finish of any Cabernet that I tried. Don’t get me wrong – it can still be bitter and musty if you live too far north of Sonoma or Napa, but it has great flavours (you will feel like you are drinking in Switzerland, when you taste the sauvignon).

If, after all this discussion, you are still not convinced – don’t leave Napa Valley and visit the other valley states that may be your next stop – I have yet to come across the wine I love and want to drink at home that is grown in any of these places. You might want to start off with Chianti (I’m afraid there are none on the list – I would like to be able to find them), as I do in California as well as California, or perhaps try a new wine from one of those places that has been rediscovered. You might well discover that all these states produce wine you would find at a bottle shop in California, and that this wines may be better suited to your palate.

It should be noted that, because I am using the word “best” all together here, I am not using the words in the US or elsewhere - these words are used in French in the wine industry, and have nothing to do with what wine I am speaking of. But if you are familiar with wine from a different region – I encourage you to experiment.