Black Mirror: How It Started

What can be said about the first season of the HBO series Black Mirror? I was hoping that was going to be me going on a binge before this week and seeing if I didn’t get enough from this year’s series, but there is only a few more episodes left in terms of the rest of the series before then, so I’ll just have to go back to watching it for now. This article is written after the fact so you don’t have to wait until season three to find out what happened, so let’s just start there and then move on.

Black Mirror (TV series)

The series by British showrunners Charlie Brooker and Jonathan Nolan was created and executive produced by Christopher Nolan, and was co-created by the brilliant Daniel Craig.

From the series premiere episode, we could already read about the dystopian future in which these two men and their companions have now lived.

The first season takes place in a futuristic city called The City, a fictional version of the American city of New York.

The main characters, Patrick and Dr. Patrick, are engineers which have studied the various aspects of technology that are in use in the twenty-first century. One such tech which is currently in use is the internet.

Patrick is a tech enthusiast who is determined to create a version of that technology that would allow him to connect people from outside the country to people, using their personal data.